Our services help optimize the technological process to produce more qualitative production and to decrease the cost price.

“ANR GMBH” provides for engineering and consultation services and carries out the works of a research, project and settlement-analytic character. Our company creates objects and thinks of their using, based on scientific knowledge.

We prepare technical and economic foundations of the projects, give recommendations in the sphere of production organization and governing. Our company gives the recommendations concerning the ways and methods of the production realization.

Our company is not very big, but it is specialized and experienced in this sphere. We employ only real specialists and cooperate with the best producers.The main aim of our company is the development of productive technologies. The efficiency and the growth of the enterprises depend just on them. Our technologists, engineers and draftsmen do their best in order to modernize and rationalize all the enterprises’ processes. They use their knowledge of science, logic, mathematics and economics.

It is widely known that the technological processes of many companies have many similar features. Despite this fact we use an individual approach every time and always collaborate with different specialists and consultants.

We are able to solve all your problems and make your business more profitable. This is possible only in a case of availability of experience, knowledge and good preparation. We can be proud of it and that’s why our all partners are leaders in this sphere.

“ANR GMBH” provides the following services in the sphere of engineering:

  • choosing proper equipment and technological instruments;

  • investigating the production;

  • giving recommendations on the modernization of the production;

  • creating plans and schemes;

  • developing technologies.


In addition to the consultation works we can offer the development of exclusive technological documentations with the help of our own staff or specialists from the firms, which supply the equipment. Also we create governing programs with the visualization of the process and provide for other services in the sphere of engineering.

We work in different spheres of life despite the complexity of the problem. Our company is widely known. We have already helped many firms and enterprises.