“ANR GMBH” Company is dedicated to green technologies in the sphere of energy efficiency, industry and other branches. All our innovations help protect nature and make the life of most people much better.

Green technologies are seemed to be a very promising direction in the development of scientific and technical thought. Due to introduction and development of green technologies the humanity has begun a differently new way of progress growth as a whole.

Green technologies mean the environmentally friendly technical decisions, which are aimed at decreasing the level of consumed resources and increasing the efficiency of their using. Green technologies are closely tied with the global tendency to a transition to a new type of economy, which is more efficient and safer for the ecosystem of our planet. Due to the introduction of such type of knowledge good changes are constantly taking place. The quality of our life has greatly improved; the risks for human health have significantly decreased.

Our workers are very experienced in this branch and they efficiently use green chemistry, environmental science and environmental monitoring to curb the negative results of human involvement.

Our company works in the following directions ECO-BIO regional plants and factories for the production of:

  • Biomass of microalgae

  • The 3rd generation of BIO-fuel

  • Nano cellulose, biologically active substances and lipids from microalgae biomass

  • Cellulosic fiber semis of straw cereals and oilseeds

  • Turbo CHP station on the 3rd generation of BIO-fuel

  • Hybrid power turbo-electric drive systems on the 3rd generation of BIO-fuel

We have worked in this sphere for many years and have implemented the most efficient and sustainable approaches to solving environmental problems. We develop and utilize only those technologies which will benefit future generations.

Our company is constantly increasing the group of methods and materials, such as techniques for generating energy products. We do all the best in order to bring good changes in our daily life. We are widely known in many European countries.