“ANR GMBH” Company has a many years’ experience, which helped it accumulate practical skills and knowledge, realized in a big amount of projects all over Europe. The products and solutions of our company are widely used in many countries.

Nowadays we employ designers, programmers IT-specialists, engineers, riggers and others among them. High qualification and professionalism of the staff is the earnest of our company’s success.
Every solution, every project and implementation of “ANR GMBH” is the result of close cooperation with all our clients, due to which we can improve our Knowledge and experience and advance methods and ways of work.

Our company tries to go ahead all others, that’s why we work in many important directions. Microelectronics is one of them. Nowadays everyone can realize the importance of this branch.In order to get the data of high quality more quickly and to accelerate the launch of latest developments in the sphere of microelectronics it is necessary to improve the efficiency of the company. As the sizes of appliances become smaller, we must establish higher demands for production and reduce the time of machining for bigger volumes.

We understand all of this and always implement reliable and qualitative instruments and approaches for quick research and analysis of the structures and defects.

We offer highly qualitative products, which give excellent results, and advanced technologies, which can be used for developments in the sphere of electronics.

We deliver all kinds of appliances for producing microelectronic products. Using them you can achieve advanced positions and increase the volume of your sales.

We are very experienced in developing and creating integral micro schemes, semiconductor materials, means of data reflecting and different products of electronic and medicine techniques. Equipment for example epitaxial equipment and equipment for clearing nitrogen and hydrogen.

“ANR GMBH” Company works only with the best producers and uses the most advanced equipment. All these facts ensure the production of the most efficient products. Quality and reasonable prices make us very popular among all Europe.