ANR Systech is seemed to be the best specialist in the area of efficient water treatment equipment and advanced techniques.

ANR Systech GmbH employs only professional specialists in the sphere of water preparation. Our company uses own equipment, which is the world leader in this branch. These water technologies have been a global supplier of water and wastewater treatment systems for about thirty years.

Our installations are suitable for primary, biological and tertiary wastewater treatment. This brand is one of the pioneers in the sphere of water treatment. These equipments provide for water treatment on all levels.

In each case we try to find the best way of water clearing. Our experts thoroughly work on every project and every time use different kind of equipment, that one, which suits best.

Because of the individual approaches of water clearing technologies and choosing the right equipment we can achieve the optimal proportion between efficiency and price.

All of our workers have a many years’ experience of work in this field. In order to keep up with the modern world they regularly visit famous exhibitions and attend different trainings.

The professional workers of our company always provide you with efficient consultations. They know their work in all details, that’s why they can help you with every problem. The can help you choose the best equipment, install it and give you guarantees. All these things are made as quickly as it is possible. We can say, that these are our main benefits.

We always have a wide range of available water treatment and filter equipment. We have the following kinds of clearing water systems:

  • those, which delete hardness salts;

  • those, which delete organic compounds;

  • those, which delete iron;

  • those, which delete chlorine and chloride compounds;

ANR Systech GmbH works throughout Europe and CIS Countries, our services are used in many branches of life. We work with home and industrial objects.